Lina Nunez:

Ona is Queen of Alchemy.  Her products are only made of the best and only the best ingredients.  My absolute favorite is her Zeal body lotion….  Mmmmm, heaven!


Lisa Farr:

I have used a number of the products in the Yellow Root line and have been delighted by all of them.  My absolute favorite is the Thought body lotion.  The texture is light and fresh, it rubs into your skin easily whilst also providing long lasting moisture, and an incredible, yet subtle, smell.  I never wear perfume or strong scents, but this product leads to endless comments about the gorgeous smell.  My other favorite is the exfoliating scrub; it is very finely ground and gentle, yet effective in brightening my complexion.  The products are hand-made, well-crafted, natural, and have great quality ingredients.  The packaging is also subtle and understated.  Ona is a gifted maker who understands and respects her ingredients, and knows how to blend and create.  Yellow Root has a permanent place in my skin care range and I’ve gifted more than a few bottles of lotion to friends.


Kelly Richardson:

I found that the Elevate was amazing.  It has a very light smell and is made with all natural ingredients. I'm so happy I found this product and will continue to use it excessively. 


Haley McMillen:

I love using your products!  The scrub I recently started using feels amazing on my skin.  I love the fact that you are so mindful of what you put in the products — it shows in the performance of the scrub.   I also tried the Renew lotion for mild skin irritations and dry skin.  It worked wonders on my skin and smells amazing.  Thank you Ona! 


Joe Sponzo:

Thank you for a surreal potion!  Your product is amazing.


Pam Baldwin:

Yellow Roots Renew lotion is my go-to lotion after long days spent in the pool or ocean.  My body feels nourished and balanced right away.  I love the fragrance and that all of the ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced.  

Cydney Ellington:

I wish I could express more than just words, on how extraordinary yellow roots product is.  The very first time I got my hands on the exfoliate powder I could feel the energy.  A simple yet special blend of healing flowers changes my skin with in days.  After just a few applications of yellow roots face cream my skin started to change.  The results were glowing firm smooth skin.  After a few months of just using yellow root exclusively people started to ask what am I doing different to my skin.  This very special organic blend of love in a bottle is a must have!!  Hands down.

Taj Uhuru Britton:

I like Yellow Root Body Care loshens because they are made with pure natural materials.  They feel great on my skin and they smell beautiful + there made with love.