Essential oils are invaluable for physical and emotional well-being.  Their versatility has been used since the beginning of time for both their protective and healing properties.

Although essential oils have been used less frequently in modern times, people are again showing increased interest in plant essences. Essential oils lend themselves readily with a sensitive and subtle approach for healing, unlike synthetic counterparts.

Myrrh and Frankincense, both belong to the same botanical family Burseraceae and have a history reaching back to ancient Egypt, where they were used in perfume, incense and medicine.  Myrhh is highly valued for its healing contributions to chapped skin, slow healing wounds and contains anti-fungal properties. Frankincense has been associated more with rejuvenating mature skin, restoring tone and minimizing wrinkles. Both oils have beneficial attributes for skin care along with rich base notes that are appealing in the botanical blends.

Another one of my favorite essential oils to work with is Geranium.  Aromatically, Geranium is an equalizer, restoring balance and centering the mind and spirit. In addition, Geranium can be an adrenal cortex stimulator.  It is believed to regulate hormonal secretion for both males and females and is said to balance sebum production, benefiting both dry and oily skin.

Palmarosa, like Geranium is known to have properties that assist in balancing sebum production; that are hydrating, stimulating and have been used for cellular regeneration.

Palo Santo is a sacred plant, originally used by Amazonian shamans to clear negative energy and misfortune.  It has now found its place on the mantle of modern homes being used with the same intention.

Helichrysum and Lavender are gentle, non-irritant oils that are known to be safe for children and babies.  Both flowers are synergistic and work best when combined with other oils.  Helichrysum belongs to the sunflower family, has a beautiful honey like scent and is believed to possess cell-regenerating properties.

Calming, soothing and balancing, Lavender is one of the most versatile of the essential oils. This plant’s complex chemical structure varies depending upon its environment.  Lavender grown in higher altitudes has a higher ester content than when grown in lower altitudes.  The high concentration of esters, can make for a strong anti-fungal and natural sedative.  Lavenders ability to adapt within its environment shows its strengths and versatility.

Clary Sage, like lavender performs a variety of functions. This essential oil has been used to help with anxiety and emotional tension, strengthens the senses and memory along with physical attributes that reduce excessive production of sebum, making it an excellent oil to blend within our body care line.

Yellowroot plant based body care incorporates plant essences into lotions, creams and scrubs that can be used daily to promote a healthy and ultimately beautiful complexion and stimulate your overall well-being.

NOTE:  Please check with your health care provider before using essential oils especially while pregnant, planning on getting pregnant or taking medications.   Never use undiluted essential oils in eyes or mucous membranes. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  The descriptions are for educational purposes only.  This information has not been evaluated by the FDA.


Additional Ingredients

Baobab Oil:  The Baobab Tree is native to Africa and regions of India.  Traditionally all parts of the tree are used but the seeds contain the rich, nutritive properties that the natives have used for years to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions. The high percentage of Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils are believed to improve skin elasticity and encourage skin regeneration.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant, softens skin, relieves dryness and flakiness, supports the natural chemical balance of skin, and provides protection from damaging effects of ultra violet radiation from the sun.  Along with coconut oils skin therapy attributes, coconut oils melting point makes it a beneficial stabilizing component in the formula.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Pumpkin Seed oil is highly emollient and nutrient dense, making it an excellent addition as a carrier oil.

Rosehip Seed Oil: Rosehip Seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, having natural antioxidant properties along with being a mild astringent and assisting with cell regeneration.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Sea Buckthorn and the plants berries have been recognized throughout Eurasia for their exceptional nourishing properties, high in natural sources of Vitamin A, E and carotenes.  It is believed that Sea Buckthorn restorative actions are partially due to the high content of essential fatty acids, carotenes and tocopherols.  Sea Buckthorn has a natural yellowing effect, which will temporarily add a yellow hue when used in high concentrations.

Sunflower Seed Oil:  Sunflower Seed oil is naturally stable, making it an excellent choice as a carrier oil for creams and lotions that may contain more fragile oils.  Sunflower Seed oil is high in essential fatty acids, which benefit mature skin.

Vitamin E Oil:  Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant, protecting the body’s cells from free radical damage.  Its deep penetrating capabilities, along with its unique compound structure have made it well known for its preventative and wound healing properties.

Carrot Seed Oil: Carrot Seed oil has antiseptic properties, healing skin disorders and balancing the ph.  High in Vitamin A, B1 and C, carrot seed oil nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates skin.

Beeswax: Female worker honeybees produce beeswax.  The color and scent of beeswax varies depending upon which type of pollen was sourced from the flowers. Beeswax is our product’s emulsifying agent. 

Aloe Vera Gel: Termed kumara or “goddess” in Sanskrit, aloe vera soothes the skin with instantaneous relief.  Aloe Vera is a natural wound-healing agent that calms discomfort related to skin rashes and itch.

Honey: Honey is a natural antibacterial, loaded with antioxidants and healing compounds. Honeys high viscosity creates a barrier for invasive bacteria while being an emollient, softening and soothing the skin.