Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients.  We believe our investment in sourcing Organic and Fair Trade materials not only benefits you our customer but the farming communities, environment and generations to follow.  We want you feeling as good about using these products as we feel proud making them.



We are a start-up family business in the mountains of southern California.  Our number one priority is happy customers.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email using the "Contact Us" page so Ona may address your question. We at Yellow Root look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience of plant medicine.



Please send an email using the "Contact Us" page with your request to Ona of Yellow Root.  Please note that the ability to fulfill the order must be confirmed by Yellow Root.  We make every effort to fulfill custom orders.



Any orders of more than 12 items receive a 20% discount.



All customers can receive a 15% discount on any order by sharing or posting about Yellow Root Body Care on any 2 social media profiles.  Just share your posts and email us screenshots OR tag us in any two of: Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.



Please note that we are not responsible for any mis-use of any of products.  Herbal remedies are not intended to prevent or treat any specific medical illnesses.  Please contact your doctor before using a product if you are on any medications, have any allergies, or pre-existing conditions. All products are made fresh when you order & have a shelf life of 3 months, but please store them with care, as our products are natural and paraben-free.  Do not store in a humid environment or where the temperature fluctuates. To retain volatile oil properties, keep lid on products when not in use. Since our products are natural, there are variations in color and texture on occasion.  Please follow application instructions on each product carefully.  Customers are responsible for reviewing product ingredients on the website and identifying potential allergies.