About Us




Yellow Root is a handcrafted, ethically sourced, plant based body care line.  Yellow Root products are prepared in small batches using organic carrier oils high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals, which possess nourishing and revitalizing properties. Yellow Root’s botanical blends are unembellished.

The combinations are harmonizing, bestow uplifting aromas, and will help maintain a healthy pH.  If we care about what we put in our body, we should be as mindful as what we put on our body. 




Growing up in the foothills of the Trinity Alps, the value and importance of nature was instilled at an early age. Ona's connection and appreciation of plant synergy comes from her experiences hiking the local mountains, exploring the Trinity River and cultivating plants on the family’s property in Junction City.  Ona currently resides in the peaceful mountain bliss of Topanga, California, where she continues to expand her knowledge of plant medicine both through nutrition and body care.

By supporting Yellow Root, you are supporting a healthy lifestyle and supporting an environmentally conscious business.